Monday, March 23, 2009

Ooh la la! Look at those legs

Hello hello! Hope everyone had a fabu weekend! David and I had a crazy busy one, but it was good. We started our Saturday by going to the Sumter Highland Games to see his awesomeness Hondo do his thing. It was quite fun seeing everyone in their kilts and what cute legs :) I would love to go to a bigger game one day and see what it really should be like. Anyways we had a nice little visit with Hondo and since he had already cleared the Sheaf Toss.

We could only stay a little while as then David and I drove down to Jacksonville for the day to pick up Charlie (the dog, not the cousin hehe) and visit with a friend. We ate at the most wonderful fish market EVER!!! David had Cobia and I had soft shell crabs, yum!!!! Wish we had that here. Then we drove back to Sumter and relaxed all Sunday.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Also please check your emails as David finally received his official orders and I have emailed you our itinerary.

Lots of love!

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