Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun times!

Wonderful memories from incredibly fun times!

-Suzy, Phil and Shayla come to visit! (plus spa/sleepy time)
-Valentine's Day dinner with all the kiddies :)
-Pink truck on the way back to South Carolina. Haven't found a pink dump truck yet, but this will do until I find one :)

Hope all is well! xoxo


merrymerry said...

What is on Suzy's eyes?

Victoria said...

Those awesome eye patch things from BeautiControl. You MUST try them one day, very soothing :)

anniegrin said...

I was going to ask what was on your eyes sue, but i see the answer, however, are you just wearing a blanket? there should be no pictures like that! BTW, you should just wear one patch at a time (and be a pirate instead of a corpse!)