Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Helloooooooo everyone.
Hope all of you are dry and not in storm zone.We received needed rain but I could do without the wind. It turned over our umbrella again but did not break table.
Mom did well with surgery. Juliana stayed with her during the afternoon so I could get a nap before 6p-7a shift. I stayed with her thru the night at the hospital.She slept well with Demerol x 3 and she was walking to bathroom with assistance. She wanted to get out of hospital.
Her o2 level seems to stay low,(sat of 85%) but they made her cough and deep breathe and discharged her anyway. Marg said she gave PT a hard time but did exercises requested.I left Marg with her and she got her home with Dad's assistance but she will not take enough Advil to ease pain. She was irritated she didn't say bye to Anna said to tell everyone to come see her.
We took some food after 5p(because I could not wake up)and I emptied her drains.She has additional swelling around the dressing but it is dry.She goes to tomorrow at 10a for dressing change so pray for her because he will not be easy. But as usual he was her choice of surgeon.(Can you tell I don't care for her surgeon??)I'll keep you posted love to all M

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