Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Hope everyone had the chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Sunshine this weekend.We took time off to travel to MacRae Meadows to watch Hondo in action.We left at 05:30 am and Hondo past us in Boone so we followed him there.We enjoyed watching the "throwing of the Hammer"I don't think I'd feel safe even with the fence up to protect the judges.Throwing the weight is too awesome.56 or 28 lbs is too much to carry let alone throw it.but Tossing the caber amazes me I just don't get how you can pick up a telephone pole and throw it.Congratulations to Hondo for "putting the stone",(20lbs)for 29.5 feet.Hope we didn't embarrass you to much yelling..We had a great time and we will go again . Charlie purchased 2 large knives.Oh and marg they had yarn for sale....XOXO.... M

(look for the rock it is over the guys head in the pic)

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The Mom said...

I'm going next year. looks like fun.