Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Weekend Outside


Well, as you can see, we finally have our garden back up and almost running. Had to order a new pump for my pond because some random Great Dane decided it was a chew toy. He actually went into the pond, pulled the pump out of the pond, and chewed on it. All while it was running. Just goes to show how special he is.

This of course, is why we needed the fence. Phil did a good job on it, didn't he? All put together by hand, not those prefab panels (cheaper that way). We did have to raise the gate so it wouldn't drag through the mulch, but I like it that way better.

Phil has a friend with some property up in Person Co with a creek where we can get some rocks to line our pond with. That's the plan for next weekend. I'm just glad we have it all roughly put together. Now it won't be so hard to do the next steps a little bit at a time. I think I'm going to make a fairy garden in the grassy area in front of the AC unit, and we're going to put some trellis or pallet walls around the AC unit to block it from sight (more spots for plants).

What do y'all think?