Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nanan's Potato Salad

Just made Nanan's potato salad for our 4th of July cook-out and WOW sooooooooooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!!! David even loves it :) So major thank you for sharing the recipe!

Also, I wanted to share that the delicious sauce that Laurel Gray makes is really good as a dipping sause. Though, I did try another thing and wanted to share. Make a hamburger and top it with goat cheese and avocado then spread a little of the Laurel Gray dressing on the bun = super yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! Then of course you have to have a glass of Childress 2008 Riesling with it :)

Miss you tons and hope all is well!!!!

ps: hope we can post on this a bit more again ;)

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The Mom said...

sounds great, Dave loves goat cheese!!!ugh, on my part, cause I don't like the goat. but I did make a tomato salad with goat cheese,pecans, and oil and vinegar bit of brown sugar and peach. Was really good . send recipe if you like. I may try the hamburger, yum, but the Riesling is to die for. love