Friday, June 5, 2009

Going to Jazzy Boot Camp Again!!!!

I'm telling the truth!! This is the measuring cup used , only Twice a day! I Swear!!!!!! Abuse!!Abuse!! I'm Tellin'! Aunt Merry!!!! Going to miss my Bed!! My friend! and Have to babysit Jazzy all Day,(the best part!) Hurry home Mom, I'll be skin and bones!!


merrymerry said...

I said Gracie could go, The villa would have to be another one they are pet friendly, but Uncle J wants to go instead. We have to take separate car. HEEEEE.I really didn't see a problem with Gracie in the Van and uncle J in corolla............... Hilton Head Island here we come.....

anniegrin said...

To all the Hilton Head travelers:
I am very sad that you took my gracie and my grandma away for a week! I am stuck in the house for about 14 hours a day all by myself with a muzzle on and no food or water! I am so depressed I may eat rocks again! You haven't even seen my new pink collar that daddy bought me, he let me pick it out. Please come home soon! I may have to eat more of the couches just to get attention!

Love Vala