Monday, November 10, 2008

A Conversation Worth Sharing

Wanted to share a conversation between CopperWolf and I...

The Background: CopperWolf was telling me about how his uncle was saying his horses are more like dogs since he never rides them. He told CopperWolf he could have his saddle, since it wasn't getting used. Well, I wanted to know about the saddle, but CopperWolf didn't know much. He said the saddle probably came with one of the horses as a package deal. Maybe his uncle bought the horse from someone who wasn't planning on ever owning horses again, so they sold their saddle with the horse

So, here's the conversation:

CopperWolf: "The guy who sold the horse didn't have any others. He must have figured there was no reason to own a saddle if he didn't own a horse."
Sque (with look of total disbelief on face): "That may seem logical to you, but I can assure you in my family, an argument like that doesn't make any sense. You can always use a saddle."
CopperWolf: "Yeah, but I think your dad has horse blood in him... just a small amount."
Sque: "You knew horses were in my blood from the beginning."
CopperWolf: "No, I mean real horse blood. I figure he had an accident when he was really little and needed a transfusion. The only blood available to the country doctor was either horse blood or cow blood. Now, aren't you glad they realized the horse would get there quicker?"
Sque (laughing head off): "I can't wait to tell my daddy you think that."
CopperWolf: "Well, it's probably true. You should ask him about it. But he may have been so young he doesn't remember."

CopperWolf is crazy. I know. But I married him anyways. Hope y'all got as much of a laugh as I did out of that.


The Mom said...

I agree, he is crazy, !! and probably right.

Dave said...

Who in the world would give up their saddle, must have been a LITTLE touched in the head. ( bucked off, probably) Actually it is a loonnng story about the blood transfusion, I'll have to tell it some time.