Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and Father's Day!

David and I had a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful rainy weather which 'forced' us to stay in and relax :). Friday night we went out to suishi with some friends, which was yummy! Then Saturday we woke up to a torrential rainstorm so instead of going out for brunch we called Mrs. Harvey got a recipe and had fun making an awesome Harvey breakfast (we were pretty thrilled with our 1st tries at bacon and gravy)! I still need to practice making biscuits, but Davy introduced me to Grands freezer biscuits, which are quite yummy, but that was the only non-authentic part of breakfast. Then we just relaxed and watched a movie. When the rain finally let up we went for a swim in the pool and then got ready to go walk around town. We decided to walk up and down Worth Avenue to window shop and then stopped to get some refreshing drinks at Starbucks. Then it was grocery shopping and back home. For dinner we decided to make a delicious lobster, melted butter, tortelini, and zucchini dinner with a Razzleberry (Raspberry and blackberry) pie = super yum! We had rented another movie so watched that and finally went to bed. 4 hours later we woke up to take David to the Ft. Lauderdale airport where his flight was on time and he made it back to Shaw AFB safe and sound. Then for me I went home and slept the rest of the morning :).

So that is about it from us! Hope all is well and that maybe some of you can come down and visit too :) xoxoxo

ps: pictures are of our awesome breakfast and then the two other plates are from our dinner: melon and prociuto appetizer and then lobster, zucchini, tortelini entreƩ. Plus the two chefs :)

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The Mom said...

what a wonderful time!!! yum-yum !!you both look great. I love this blog!! love to you